1929 | Cotswold Revival

509 W. Holly

From 1900 to the 1930s, period revival styles were popular all over the US and especially in Phoenix. Our historic neighborhoods are full to various revival styles, from Tudor and Colonial to Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean. One of my favorite revival styles is the Cottage or Cotswold style. Based on English cottages from the Cotswold region of England, these homes are especially picturesque and remind people of “hobbit” houses. This one, known as the Isobel Noyes Rental House, has got to be one of the best examples in Phoenix. Cotswolds are characterized by use of brick or stone with stucco, and sometimes timbering. The roofs are wood shingle and designed to look like a thick thatched roof — they truly are an art form with their softly undulating and irregular shingles and rounded overhangs. The prominent chimney near the front door is also typical of this style. I really love the irregular stonework around the windows!

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